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Film Festivals

The Hola Mexico Film Festival aims to connect the audience with the richness of Mexican culture and entertainment, offering an authentic and immersive experience. It is open to all audiences, and every event is accessible to the general public. 


We continually seek innovative ways to amplify the overall experience, ensuring each filmmaker feels not only showcased but celebrated in the vibrant celebration of cinema.

Past Festivals

Festival Workflow


Graphic Design & Staff Hiring


Film Lineup 

Venue Selection


Sponsors Activations & In-Kind Donations


Vendor Options

Insurance & Contracts



Production Stage

"Mauricio has been an instrumental aspect in managing all the production work for the Hola Mexico Film Festival. From Red Carpet to opening night parties and our huge closing night event. Dealing with multiple vendors, sponsors, venues and more. Mauricio is great in communicating and delivering things on time."

Samuel Douek - Founder & Director at Hola Mexico Film Festival 

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