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Why meticulous budgeting is a must-have for project success.

Imagine steering a ship without a map or compass. That's what navigating a project without a precise budget feels like. As a Line Producer, I don't just create budgets, I craft roadmaps to project success.

Here's why meticulous budgeting matters:

  • Clarity and Control: Every line item, meticulously tracked, paints a clear picture of your project's financial health. You know exactly where you stand, enabling informed decisions and avoiding costly surprises.

  • Accuracy is Power: I invest time in crafting the most accurate budget possible, using my customized templates or MovieMagic Budgeting by EP (Entertainment Partners), depending on your project's needs. This precision empowers you to confidently allocate resources and avoid overspending.

  • Adaptation is Key: Budgets aren't static - they evolve with your project. I meticulously track every expense and adjust the budget accordingly, saving you from the stress of unexpected financial storms.


1. Top Sheet Budget

2. Detailed Line Item Budget

3. Managing Production Day-to-Day Expenses



In order to create a proper schedule it's crucial to start with a Script Breakdown that divides scene-by-scene & item-by-item.

CLICK BELOW for Script Breakdown:


Scripts are properly broken down into scenes, sections & items by utilizing ‘breakdown sheets’ created with my own templates as well as Movie Magic Scheduling, an industry professional software.  Breakdown Sheets are updated after each Production Meeting and are distributed to Producers and department heads.

Here are the options for Scheduling Media projects:

1. Feature Films

2.  Short Films

3. TV Series

4. Special Events

5. Commercials

Schedule prices are subject to change depending on the amount of versions needed, amount of time and detailed requested. *

DS sample schedule.JPG


How complex is it to breakdown a Script? A Script is required to be read several times in order to visualize each scene. The Script breakdown is essential to divide details by scene numbers, the different locations and characters, and the amount of pages of a script that translates into screen time. 
I have years of experience reading Scripts and I offer SCRIPT CONSULTING; which involves a deep analysis of your screenplay by giving our clients story notes and business feedback. This process is for the purpose to help you find the right investors.

Click below in order to submit your Script and get a quote:





Script Breakdowns are your 1st step to begin the Scheduling process. I utilize MovieMagic Scheduling software by EP (Entertainment Partners), which is utilized by a large number of industry professionals.


Click below for Script Breakdown:

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