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Line Producers are 'on the line' meaning they are responsible for each line of the budget. They are involved with all aspects of the production and are directly in contact with the Director, Producers, DP and the rest of the crew. As a Line Producer I have previously slashed equipment rental fees, payroll/benefits administration costs by at least 25-30% by negotiating pricing and fees, while ensuring the continuation and enhancements of services.

What do I do?

•    Read scripts, breakdown the script, create Breakdown Sheets. 
•    Create Character Lists for casting purposes. Hire a Casting Director, schedule auditions, advise on options.
•    Organize meetings with cast & crew. 
•    Hire main crew: DP, PD, Art Director, Location Manager(s), UPM, AD, Script Supervisor, Sound Mixer, Costume Designer,            Make Up Artist, G+E, & production crew.
•    Bind the right Production Insurance coverage, E&O insurance & Workers Comp.
•    Quote and arrange for equipment rentals, pick up, & drop off.
•    Budgeting & Scheduling.
•    Location Scouting & Location Agreements.
•    Contracts, Agreements, & Releases.
•    SAG-AFTRA paperwork.
•    Crew Payroll (I-9s, W-4s, W-9s & more).
•    Catering Menus & Craft Services.

Do you need a Line Producer/UPM for your Project? 

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My experience in Accounting & Finance allow me to manage several projects at the same time. Depending on the project you are working on, we are able to match you with an expert right for you.

Bookkeeping and accounting services include:

•    Production-Daily Expense Reports
•    Tax Compliance (keeping track of W-9s & filing)
•    Loss & Damages Reports (L&D)
•    Checks & Invoices (we keep records of everything)
•    Equipment inventory & payments

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