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Comprehensive Production Services.
Expert negotiator with obtaining favorable deals and great discounts with vendors.
"Save time and money, l can budget your project quickly."

"Mauricio literally exceeded all expectations, without his expertise, knowledge and hands-on in the matter our production would have faced extremely difficult or impossible obstacles to overcome. Even navigating the uncharted waters of covid-19 regulations, he was a pro. Problem solving, initiative, with a constant positive attitude, very patient and calmed even during stressful situations. Great management skills, as well as communication skills, persistence, understanding of technology, availability. superb negotiating skills, and actively aware. Our production team is extremely grateful of his participation in our project." 


- Proofsheet Feature Film

"It would be impossible to accurately describe Mauricio Arrioja’s work ethic, dedication, vision and ability to manage the magnitude of initiatives possessed with such efficiency and responsiveness because he is extraordinary.  Impressive craftsmanship. His ability to manage under time crunching deadlines, and deliver with proficiency and patience through every step of the process is an asset and prize to any team. For anyone who is considering his production services, Mauricio Arrioja’s comes highly recommended and would be an honor to have as part of your film family!" 

Amber Sharp and Jen Sandoval - ASHARP PRODUCTIONS

- Dimensional Shift TV Show

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